Coffee huller CON 8

This combine hulling unit is used to clean, destone, hull, repass, & separate both parchment and dry cherry coffee.
This huller is extremely efficient resulting in higher outputs with lower power consumption. The friction between the coffee beans is minimum and therefore there is no loss due to the generation of coffee dust or breakage of beans.


The end product is maximized
Low cost of transport and freights
Husk is retained as a multiple use by-product
Timing of processing may be chosen at the owner’s convenience in order to maximize profits
Perforated oscillating screen and specially designed ‘’catador’’ to enable full recovery of light and defective materials


Model: Coffee huller CON 8
Dimensions: (m) A 3,70m B 1,85m C 3,20m D 2,35m E 2,10 F 3,30m G 4,60 H 3,00m I 6,40m J 2,00 L 2,00m
(See layout for ref)

Weight: kg 1.864