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We offer all solutions from the farm (harvesting) to the cup (value addition). We have large scale machines for wet coffee processing line as well as dry processing line, we also have small scale machine for small scale farmers that can process 250 kg/ hr for wet line and dry line 500kg/ hr .

We offer free delivery within Nairobi region and cargos charges are applied outside Nairobi

All spare parts for our machines and equipments are available from our offices, Nairobi Kenya (HQ), we also offer maintenance training to customer for proper handling and taking care of machines

Milling machines, storage and processing machines are available at the head quarters. Our farm tools, showers and lawn mowers are available from appointed dealer, ideal ceramic and variety stores and from all leading supermarkets, Naivas, Nakumatt, tuskys and tumaini supermarkets among others.

The mechanization is to enhance productivity and conservation of energy required for various operations involved in crop production, threshing, processing, transportation, value addition and storage. The priorities for mechanization are to be decided as per the actual requirement of various agricultural processes.

Mechanization involves application of inputs by using agricultural machinery/ equipment e.g hand tools, power driven machines including the prime movers for performing various operations required for crop production activities. Mechanization ensures precision in operation, time reduction, labour saving and reduction of drudgery associated with various farm operations and also economize the utilization of inputs and thereby harnessing the potential of available resources.

Brazafric product profile entails animal feed processing machines, coffee processing for wet (cherry) and dry (parchment) processing line, milling machines for rice, maize, wheat and other grains.
We offer solution in grain handling machines that includes receiving, cleaning, drying, storage silos and dispatch. Our farm kits include basic kit, cereal kit, coffee kit, dairy kit, horticulture kit and tea kit.

We have over the past 21 years been offering solutions and services in the agricultural industry from planting, harvesting, storage and farm produce processing. Over the years we have transformed the way grains are handled to have optimal quality through the superior storage.