Energy from biomass


The Biomass is a solution which utilizes agriculture biomass residues to produce and distribute electricity. We used one example of one coffee mill in Africa with numbers that were verified upon harvest. We reached a return of investment in less than 3 years using only the savings on electricity not paid to the grid upon request. We can deliver to you a little study on return of investment using your numbers and show you how fast you can recover your investment and have thereafter an extra profit margin on your operation due to saving energy unpaid to grid or even further in some cases that you may sell excess energy you may produce to the grid and have an extra income on your operation.
Brazafric’s latest technology solution utilizes agriculture biomass to produce and distribute electricity locally. These can be used to run factories and save energy costs. The solution addresses environmental pollution by landfills.

Advantages of Eco- energy system

• Mini generation solution ( very low cost, easy to setup, efficient, compact and low maintenance).
• Uses agricultural biomass as a fuel .
• Unique micro-turbine.
• U.S. patented technology, produced by researchers of the Brazilian Aeronautical Research Center – INPE (Ph.D. Thesis).

The main agricultural biomass waste include:

• Coffee Husk
• Rice Straw/Husk
• Sugarcane Straw
• Wood Waste
• Maize Straw/Cob
• Bagasse Sugarcane
• Sunflower Husks
• Cotton Husk


1 kg of Biomass coffee Husks = 3,000 Kcal
1 kg of Biomass Rice Husks= 3,500 Kcal
1 kg of Biomass sugarcane Straw= 3,400 Kcal
1 kg of Biomass Maize Cob = 4,200 Kcal

Biomass production biomass capacities (Cal)


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